Together we can begin to explore what brings you into therapy. I have training in treating anxiety, depression, trauma and eating disorders. I look at the therapeutic process as something that is constantly evolving, as we grow our trust and relationship together.

If you are local to the San Diego, CA area, I offer in person, individual, family and couple counseling.

I offer Tele-therapy to qualifying clients in CA and NY State

Positive Body Image Education:

I offer training for both teachers and students on Body Image and Eating disorders.
I can educate your community on warning signs, symptoms and interventions.
For students, I also offer body positive workshops to help promote and maintain Positive Body Image.  I work with all ages from elementary school to post graduates.

Mindfulness Workshops/Reiki Healing:

I offer mindfulness training for you, your office or school.
Mindfulness practice can help reduce stress, and increase productivity.
From light body movements, to guided mediation, we can work together to create the perfect workshop for your needs. As a Reiki Master, I am offer both individual and group energy healing sessions.